Teri Richardson

Teri Richardson completed Bent On Learning’s Children’s Yoga Teacher Training in 2010 and taught students at PS132 in Brooklyn and at The Institute for Collaborative Education in Manhattan. She did her 500-hr TT, left BOL to manage Park Slope Yoga, and got certified with Yoga 4 Cancer. Teri now owns PS Yoga and works as Managing Director.

1.  In what ways do you think that yoga can support the black community or why is yoga important for and by the black community?  Yoga can benefit the black community by simply creating opportunity and offering more exposure.

2.  What or who inspires you and motivates you to continue this work of yoga as a service to underserved communities or yoga for education of youth. My yoga practice continues to surprise me. It has supported me in life, art, teaching, owning my yoga studio, through breast cancer and good health. As I continue to teach a range of students, including cancer survivors, I am moved by the benefits that students express almost immediately. Witnessing the sense of accomplishment that one finds for themselves is the best reward as a teacher. This practice inspires and motivates me as I have become more resolute in my belief and understanding of how once we do get out of our own way, yoga works to reunites us to the task — whatever that task at hand happens to be. Yoga softens that feeling in us of wanting to bail and give up. We learn to work with what we have and it guides us towards a focus on what IS, in the moment. Both weak and strong combined together, begins to knit some of the frayed and damaged edges back together again! It is a healing practice that does affect the body, but is equally effective on the mind and the spirit of a person who has been through much. It is a beautifully dynamic practice that is useful, biologically effective and scientific. And it can be simple.

3.  What is one thing you learned about yourself/life through your yoga practice, that you don’t think you would know without it?  I have discovered an unyielding strength and process that has been facilitated by my yoga practice. It kicks in when I least expect or am even aware. There is a philosophy of living and being that is rooted in the ability to move with the breath and to trust that I am.

See more about Teri at Park Slope Yoga Center, her blog and website.

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