Spring Has Sprung!

Not a very original title for a spring-time post, right?  But this post is actually about being original, being a little different, trying out new ideas…

This year, we tried several new things at Bent On Learning.  Each was a risk, each was uncertain, but we can now look back and see that the mere act of trying something new was just as important as the end result (and that is what we tell our young yogis all the time!).

In April, we had a “Spring Fling” fundraising event!  For many years, we—along with most other foundations—have held our annual gala dinner around this time of year.  But this year, we decided to try something different and have a more casual, light-hearted, dress-down event (and save our gala for the fall).  For this event, we asked prominent artists to design art on yoga mats for our auction.  The event was a great success, we made many new friends for BOL and the mats were a big hit.  We took some risks, made a change, and had a great time (while raising 30 percent more than we’d forcasted)!

Click HERE to see pictures from the evening and HERE to see the beautiful invitation, designed by Kenny Scharf!

Another new project for Bent On Learning this year was providing yoga classes for ALCs (Alternate Learning Centers) in District 88.  D88 is a collection of 37 ALC sites where students who have been semi-permanently or permanently suspended from their home schools attend classes.  For many of these students, this could be their last stop before dropping out of school or ending up in correctional facilities.  Our hope was that by providing them with the incredible tools of yoga and mindfulness, we could help them understand that they have control of their destiny and that they have what they need to succeed, right within themselves (their body, their breath and their mind).  Another risk… another success!  The students, staff and district directors at D88 have completely embraced yoga and we are already in the planning stages to triple our outreach to D88 ALCs in the fall!

Our last post was about consistency.  But being consistent doesn’t mean not embracing change or taking risks.  In your yoga practice, there is always room for both.  You can try a new studio, a new system (Astanga, Bikram, arial yoga!), or try out a new attitude, a new way of approaching your daily practice.  So yes, spring has sprung.  Channel your spring fever into taking a risk and trying something new!

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” -Andre Gide

“You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take.” -Wayne Gretzy

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  1. Donna says:

    Very inspirational post. I like the ideas about yoga having room for both old and the new. The idea that those two are no necessarily mutually exclusive is close to me.

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