Sinikiwe Dhliwayo

Sinikiwe completed Bent On Learning’s Teacher Training program in 2015 and taught yoga at The High School for Global Citizenship in Prospect Heights, Brooklyn. She’s always looking out for us, connecting us to new yoga studios and friends and offering her time and talent to bring yoga to more kids in New York City and beyond!  

1.  In what ways do you think that yoga can support the black community OR why is yoga important for and by the black community?  Wellness has become synonymous with affluence and a racially non diverse community. Yoga has become my personal means for becoming attune with my body. As a women of color who practices yoga I think yoga for my community is imperative as a means of self care. Living daily in a black body is an act of resistance. The ability to go inwards with a practice like yoga is immeasurable.

2.  What or who inspires you and motivates you to continue this work of yoga as a service to underserved communities or yoga for education of youth?  I am inspired to teach children who look like me yoga because of the impact that yoga has made on my life. I grew up playing a myriad of sports but nothing has impacted me like my yoga practice. I feel like if I had found yoga when I was younger I would have found self confidence sooner. Additionally, I am motivated to teach youth in underserved communities because I think representation matters. Its hard to aspire to do something or be something if you can’t see yourself reflected in it.

3.  What is one thing you learned about yourself/life through your yoga practice, that you don’t think you would know without it?  The biggest thing yoga has taught me is presence. I pride myself on being a planner and always find myself thinking in advance. Through cultivating a yoga practice I have learned to sit with things in the moment instead of worrying about whats next to come. Next will happen regardless of the urge to rush to it.

Additionally, I learned the importance of putting myself first. Again as a self proclaimed planner I found myself negotiating time to accomodate others. Be it potential partners, family, or work. The practice of yoga has illuminated how by prioritizing my own health and needs I bring to everything else the best version of myself. I have gotten really good at determining what my nonnegtionables are.

Find out more about Sinikiwe at Third Wave Fund and LinkedIn.

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