Williamsburg Prep High School

Williamsburg Prep High School

Year started with Bent On Learning: 2011
Neighborhood: Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Principal: Michael Shadrick
District: 14
Grades: 9-12

schools_wphsWilliamsburg Prep’s goal is to provide students with a rigorous, college preparatory education in a supportive small school setting. Their curriculum is rich in math, science and technology, with a humanities program that synthesizes literature, world history and current events. Students don’t simply sit in class and hear “facts;” they practice critical thinking and leadership skills by participating in projects that connect their Regents Curriculum with the “real world.”

Their challenging curriculum focuses on preparing students for success in college as well as in life. By integrating yoga into the school day, Bent On Learning supports WPH’s curriculum and helps to educate students in becoming more caring individuals and responsible citizens.  Following the principles of yoga, students learn to take care of themselves, their classmates and their community.  Many students entering Williamsburg Prepatory High School have had years of Bent On Learning yoga classes from their primary and middle school years at PS132 and MS577, both of which send their students to WPH when they reach high school age.

(Source: williamsburgprep.com)

Bent On Learning Yoga Teacher:

Jocelyn O’Shea

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