Kate Johnson

Kate Johnson’s favorite words are awareness, embodiment, and action. She is an interdisciplinary teacher, writer, and dancer who incorporates Buddhadharma and social justice into her work. In her consulting practice (and as a member of Bent On Learning’s Teacher Training team), Kate offers mindful, creative approaches to diversity, equity, and inclusion education. From 2010 through 2016, she taught yoga to students at New Design High School on the Lower East Side. Her first book, about waking up to power and oppression as spiritual practice, is forthcoming in 2019.

When my workshop prep involves riding the Blue Nile at sunset… it must be Black Futures Month! In Khartoum, Sudan for two weeks, leading the meditation module of a yoga training. At our first workshop session yesterday I got to learn all the ways mindfulness is practiced in Sudanese culture — river gazing, tea ceremony, visiting elders, cooking with love, blessing food, singing and chanting and making music, and of course, prayer five times a day. Mindfulness does not belong to any religion, is not about changing our personalities or becoming culturally or emotionally neutral. It’s a natural gift all humans have, and when we practice in the ways that are real and authentic for us, we become even more gifted.


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