Dianne Bondy

Dianne teaches her signature workshop, Yoga For All: Asana, Self-Acceptance and Empowerment, as part of Bent On Learning’s Children’s Yoga Teacher Training Program. We are so lucky to have her guidance, wisdom and kindness on our team!

1.  In what ways do you think that yoga can support the black community or why is yoga important for and by the black community?   Very recently I have taken some introductory training with therapist and yoga teacher Dr. Gail Parker. Her teachings focus on how yoga can help with Race-Based Traumatic Stress Injury. RBTSI is everyday stress and trauma that people of colour face in the world through both macro and micro aggressions of systemic racism and bigotry.  Dr Parker has shown how restorative yoga, in particular, has the effect of healing some of the trauma that people have endured throughout their everyday lives. I have found in my own practice as a woman of colour that yoga has helped create positive self-awareness and connection. I have come to know myself and my value to the world through this practice and I share these teachings with others s they may find peace and a better sense of self.  Yoga has made me an activist for inclusion and celebration of diversity in all its forms.

2.  What or who inspires you and motivates you to continue this work of yoga as a service to underserved communities or yoga for education of youth.  I am inspired by Dr Gail Parker, The Yoga and Body Image Coalition, The Inspower Agency by Jasmine Hines, Kelley Caboni Woods, 314 Yoga, Accessible Yoga Organization and Ananna H Parris, who all teach empowerment through self-care, yoga, dance and community to unseen and under-serviced communities. I also have the privilege to meet teachers of colour from all over the world who show up in communities of colour to teach, inspire and motivate others to share in this work.  I am moved and inspired by each of them.

3.  What is one thing you learned about yourself/life through your yoga practice, that you don’t think you would know without it?   Yoga changed me from a scared and insecure being to a person who steps fully into her body and her power without apology. Yoga has taught me it is okay to take up space. Yoga has made me activist that resists the narrow stereotypes placed on people of colour and persists in keeping our voices hear and our humanity valued. If we start with empowering and educating our youth, then we shift the paradigm to powerful instead of powerless.

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