New School Year, New Yoga Program from Bent On Learning


Professional Development by BOL Senior Teacher, Kate Johnson
New Design High School
Fall 2015

Bent On Learning is very excited to announce a ground-breaking, 2-part program offering launching this fall just in time for the new school year. In conjunction with New Design High School and Kate Johnson, long-time partner school and yoga teacher, respectively, Bent On Learning has built a self-sustaining yoga program that will increase its reach both broadly and deeply across the New York City area, aptly named Yoga Coach.

Yoga Coach, in which the BOL-trained yoga teacher acts as wellness counselor to small groups students by facilitating meaningful discussions and providing guidance on how to bring their yoga practice off the mat. This will enable the young yogis to better handle stresses in their daily lives, manage relationships and further cultivate self-awareness and empathy.

Professional Mindfulness Development, three 10-week professional development sessions for school staff that focuses on teacher’s own self-care and equips them with tools to bring stress reduction techniques to the students they work with on a daily basis.

As a pioneer in the integration of yoga during the school day, Bent On Learning has been improving the health and learning readiness of New York City Children and teens for over 15 years. New Design High School has been known for its innovative programming to address the academic, social and emotional needs of their students. For the past 6 years, BOL yoga teacher Kate Johnson has been teaching 12 yoga classes per week to NDHS students; she will continue this regular schedule along with implementing the Yoga Coach and Professional Mindfulness Development curriculum. Increasing yoga instruction three-fold will create a dynamic support system ensuring student success.

Stay tuned for updates on the growth and impact of this program throughout the school year…

I feel stretched out, fresh, open-minded, relaxed, motivated…

Julise, Senior, New Design High School

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